The Fifth World

Community Guidelines

The Fifth World website provides a home for our project, an open source shared universe for neotribal, ecotopian, animist realist, post-apocalyptic, mundane science fiction. We provide wiki pages to help facilitate that goal. Administrators, editors, and other members may edit, change, rewrite, or even delete your contributions to better serve the goal of providing a home for the project and presenting material for it. Focusing on this goal means that we don’t focus on other goals. For example, we don’t aim to provide an open forum for discussion and debate. While a noble goal in and of itself, many other sites cater to that need. Think of your contributions to this site more like a writer submitting material for a magazine or a newspaper, rather than your personal space or soapbox. While we do not have a hierarchy of editors to approve your work, we all edit and rewrite each other’s work here.

We do provide discussion threads to help members organize ideas and discuss the project. Each wiki page and encyclopedia entry has a discussion thread, for example, in addition to the forums where members can begin a discussion on any topic. In discussions, we ask that you make sure your comment does at least one of the following:

  1. Ask a question. We welcome any and all questions relevant to the project in discussions. We don’t believe in stupid questions.
  2. Tell your story. Your story might include things that have happened to you, or things you imagine in The Fifth World. It might focus on things you’ve learned that bother, concern, or perplex you. It never includes telling someone else what you presume about her story. When you find yourself doing so, try asking a question instead.

In addition to these rules, we ask members to treat each other with courtesy and respect. We cannot list every possible offense here, but those who make the Fifth World a hostile, unfriendly, or cruel place do more damage to our community in doing so than good. In most cases, we’ll warn you first, but we will deactivate anyone’s membership if they cannot abide by our guidelines.