The Fifth World

Emic Voice

Emic refers to the insider’s point of view — in this case, the way that people living in the Fifth World see things. In gaming terms, you could call this the “in-character” perspective. We write these articles as third person objective narratives.

The easiest (and we expect the most common) approach would simply relate a dialogue between two (or more) characters in the Fifth World. The narrative gives you the chance to identify the people talking, their context, and the point of view they bring to it, so that we don’t necessarily mistake their point of view as the final, definitive word on the subject simply by virtue of their appearance in the story.

This policy deliberately leaves the door open for more clever approaches, where the topic warrants it. If you can think of a more elaborate story, or one that simply takes a different approach than a dialogue, that illustrates the concept, then by all means, write it.

A single emic article may include several stories. If you would like to add a story, but one already exists, then give the existing story a title (using a second-level heading, ## Title in Markdown), then write your own story’s title (again using a second-level heading) and your story below it.