The Fifth World


Achievements change the game when you meet specific criteria, allowing you to unlock new rules. Character achievements refer to things that your character can achieve. These give your character new options. Family achievements unlock new rules for your entire family.

Character Achievements

Pilgrim Visit each of the three places in a set, and make an offering at each one. Gain a level of Knowledge of each place.
Initiate Know a named place very well, and then successfully appeal to it to learn its secret. You can now ask that place’s question anywhere.
Conservator Undergo initiation with each of the three places in a set. Gather awareness at the start of any encounter you have at one of the places in that set.

Family Achievements

Web of Kinship Finish a game in which one or more players successfully guesses the Other’s need card. Your saga unlocks the Knowledge rules.
The Wild Hunt Finish a game in which all of the players share a meal together at home. Must have already unlocked the Web of Kinship achievement. Your saga unlocks the Hunt rules.
The Truth A member of the family confesses to a crime, and accepts the family’s judgment. The other players must arrive at a consensus on what the family does. Your saga unlocks the Mystery rules.