The Fifth World


In an ecotopian world, people don’t struggle to provide for themselves. It takes only a few hours of work each day to provide for your family’s needs, but even with your copious free time, you only live so long. Moments form the economy of the game. You gather and spend moments as awareness. Use small tokens (glass beads, tiny shells, pennies, etc.) to represent moments. You might find it especially fun and evocative to find tokens that reflect your family’s history and customs in particular.


At the beginning of the game and after each encounter, you place one moment from your pool of tokens on each of the places in play, representing that place’s spontaneous generation of its unique gifts. Moments enter play through places, and can accumulate there.

Gathering Awareness

During encounters you can gather awareness when you meet that place’s criterion. Those criteria reflect how you can partake of that place’s unique gifts. When you gather awareness, you can take as many or as few of the moments that the place has to offer, up to your maximum awareness.

Making Offerings

You can also move moments into a place (where your fellow players’ characters could have a chance to gather them) by making an offering (of time, attention, respect, or something more physical) to the place.

Spending Awareness

We refer to the moments in your character’s possession as her awareness. She can spend moments of awareness to ask questions or to accomplish difficult or dangerous things. When you spend awareness, remove one of the tokens from your character sheet and put it in the pool. Spending it means that it has left play.