The Fifth World

Needs Deck

The needs deck consists of the four aces. When you play the Other in an encounter, you draw from the needs deck to learn the Other’s current needs. The Other’s card (e.g., King of Spades) tells you about her personality. Her position card (e.g., Ace of Hearts) tells you about her current needs. Together, they should give you a good idea of how to play the character. She may not fully understand her own needs, but they drive her forward nonetheless.

Clubs ClubsSpiritual NeedsAuthenticity, beauty, empathy, freedom, harmony, hope, inspiration, integrity, presence, purpose
Hearts HeartsEmotional NeedsBelonging, empathy, humor, intimacy, joy, love, mourning, self-expression, trust, warmth
Diamonds DiamondsPhysical NeedsAir, food, health, rest, sexual expression, safety, shelter, space, touch, water
Spades SpadesMental NeedsChallenge, clarity, competence, contribution, creativity, discovery, efficacy, learning, stimulation, understanding