The Fifth World

Place Deck

The place deck includes the remaining cards from a deck of playing cards not used in the person deck (kings, queens, jacks, and jokers) or the position deck (aces). Its cards represent places in your family’s territory. In play you’ll learn the place’s story and eventually discover its name, allowing you to more deeply connect to it.

Any time you would pull from the place deck, you can choose instead to name a place whose name you’ve previously discovered. Take that card from the deck instead, and then reshuffle the deck. If you know the place’s actual name in the indigenous language of the area, you can write it down at any time.

Place Deck (262 KB PDF) — Print out one copy for your family. Explains the meaning of each card in the place deck and provides a record of the places whose names you’ve discovered so far.



East • Childhood • Spiritual Life

Otherworldly Places

Make a promise to someone who lives here to gather awareness.

    • 2
    • Portal to the Other World
    • To what other world does this place connect?
    • What does the other world want from you?
    • 3
    • Magician’s Hut
    • What kind of power dwells here?
    • What debt do you owe?
    • 4
    • Place of Restless Spirits
    • What haunts this place?
    • What torments you?

Honored Places

Make an offering to gather awareness.

    • 5
    • Abode of the Spirits
    • What manner of spirits make their home here?
    • What do the spirits want from you?
    • 6
    • Natural Wonder
    • What makes this place so astonishing?
    • What do you believe in?
    • 7
    • Shrine
    • What do you honor at this shrine?
    • Whom do you serve?

Sacred Places

Perform a religious ceremony to gather awareness.

    • 8
    • Heart of the Wild
    • How did this place survive the old world unscathed?
    • What do you fear in yourself?
    • 9
    • Consecrated Ground
    • What makes this place sacred?
    • What do you hold sacred?
    • 10
    • Axis Mundi
    • What marks this place as the center of the universe?
    • What does your life revolve around?


South • Young Adulthood • Emotional Life

Melancholy Places

Express your sadness to gather awareness.

    • 2
    • Desolation
    • Why does so little grow here?
    • What do you grieve for?
    • 3
    • Solitude
    • What makes this place so secluded?
    • When do you feel alone?
    • 4
    • Ruin
    • What stood here before it fell into ruin?
    • What have you lost?

Unquiet Places

Spot an impending danger to gather awareness.

    • 5
    • Watchtower
    • What here does your family keep vigil over?
    • What makes you wary?
    • 6
    • An Ominous Place
    • What frightens you about this place?
    • What do you fear?
    • 7
    • Scout’s Nest
    • Why do your scouts camp here?
    • What worries you?

Joyful Places

Express your joy to gather awareness.

    • 8
    • Playground
    • What sort of games do you play here?
    • What brings you joy?
    • 9
    • Overlook
    • What can you see from here?
    • What fills you with awe?
    • 10
    • Tryst
    • Whom would you hope to meet here?
    • Whom do you love?


West • Mature Adulthood • Physical Life

Dangerous Places

Take a risk to gather awareness.

    • 2
    • Predator’s Territory
    • What predator claims this place?
    • Do you think of yourself as predator or prey?
    • 3
    • Ambush Site
    • What makes this such a good spot for an ambush?
    • What threatens you?
    • 4
    • Contested Ground
    • What disagreement revolves around this place?
    • What enemies do you have?

Abundant Places

Eat or drink to gather awareness.

    • 5
    • Hunting Ground
    • What sort of animals do you hunt here?
    • What nourishes you?
    • 6
    • Watering Hole
    • Where does the water here come from?
    • What sustains you?
    • 7
    • Garden
    • What sort of plants do you grow here?
    • What must you protect?

Creative Places

Create something to gather awareness.

    • 8
    • A Place for Making Tools
    • What kind of tools do you make here?
    • What help do you need?
    • 9
    • A Place for Making Art
    • What kind of art do you make here?
    • What beauty within you must you express?
    • 10
    • A Place for Making Luxuries
    • What kind of luxuries do you make here?
    • What makes you feel wealthy?


North • Elderhood • Mental Life

Mysterious Places

Explore these places to gather awareness.

    • 2
    • Cave
    • What shaped this cave?
    • How do you relate to the earth?
    • 3
    • Ancient Mystery
    • What mystery remains here from the ancient world?
    • What do you wish you knew about the past?
    • 4
    • Natural Mystery
    • What other-than-human mystery confronts you here?
    • What makes you curious?

Unforgotten Places

Learn something new to gather awareness.

    • 5
    • Archive
    • How does this place record your family’s history?
    • What do you think of your family’s history?
    • 6
    • Burial Site
    • Who lies buried here?
    • Whom have you lost?
    • 7
    • Monument
    • What does this monument commemorate?
    • How would you like others to remember you?

Storied Places

Hear a story told to gather awareness.

    • 8
    • Secret Meeting Place
    • What secret society convenes here?
    • How do you relate to this secret society?
    • 9
    • Historical Site
    • What event in your family’s history took place here?
    • What does the past mean to you?
    • 10
    • Gallery
    • What sort of paintings do you find here?
    • What does this art mean to you?