The Fifth World


Heed the spirit of the place.

This principle relates to the agenda, “Hunt the wild story.”

Every place has a story to tell. You can hear it in the pattern and rhythm of life that unfolds there. Listen for it, and you’ll hear it. You’ll notice patterns and themes that keep recurring there — something that every animal seems to do there, regardless of species, or something that happens again and again in the history of that place, regardless of the differences of the people involved. Like many traditional peoples today, the people of the Fifth World do not think of intelligence or creativity as faculties that dwell within them. Rather, they think of them as the nature of a particular place, which they partake in when they go to those places.

Discovering the names of places plays an important part in a saga. These names condense the place’s story down to something short and memorable, so that some people in the Fifth World might simply recite place names in a soothing way, allowing their minds to wander familiar paths through stories that criss-cross the landscape.

Heed the spirit of the places where the game unfolds. Remember their individual personhood, and treat them as you would any other person, with life and understandable motivations. What does that mean for a place in general, or this place specifically? What does it mean for the way things unfold there right now?