The Fifth World


Any player who has a character involved in an encounter can spend a moment of awareness to ask a question. While we ask general questions all the time, these remain nebulous and unsure until someone spends a moment of awareness to ask one of the following:

You can direct the question to any person in the encounter, e.g., What does my mother want? How does the mountain really feel? What does the panther intend to do? You can also narrow the question, e.g., How does the mountain really feel about the new bear who’s wandered into the area?

Value Questions

Your valuecompassion, fairness, loyalty, honor, or purity — gives you access to additional questions.

CompassionWhat do you need?
FairnessHave you dealt honestly with me?
LoyaltyWhere do your loyalties lie?
HonorDo you behave honorably?
PurityWhat kind of pollution taints you?

You can ask the question associated with your personal value as if it appeared on the standard list of questions above. In addition, you can pay one moment of awareness to add the question associated with either of your family’s values to the list. It costs more — two moments instead of just one — but if the question gives you the information you need, you might find it worth the price. If you have taken one of your family’s values as your personal value, then the combination of your family’s traditions and your own conscience allow you to ask that question for free.

Answering Questions

You spend a moment of awareness to ask the question of another player. Pick a player to answer. When answering a question, you don’t need to answer as your character would. Here you get to say what’s true of the world. Say (in this order of precedence):

When you answer the question, try not to simply state it flatly. Show us how we learn the answer by describing what happens. Different people will have different means of communicating. How does this person communicate the answer to this question?