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Hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP) does not preserve state. Your browser sends each request to the server independently. Cookies allow browsers to preserve state. For example, this site uses a session cookie. When you log in, your browser creates a file that it sends the next time it requests a page from this site. When the site sees that session cookie in the request, it knows that you’ve logged in as a member, so it can send you members-only functionality. If you try to edit an encyclopedia entry without that cookie, the site will return a 401 code, telling your browser that you don’t have permission for that. If you try to edit it with a session cookie, you’ll get the form to make whatever changes you would like to make.

We also use cookies to see how well the site works. We want to know what parts work well, and which parts people seem to have trouble with. This helps us focus on the parts of the site that really need work, and helps us know what we should do more of. These cookies don’t identify you personally. They reveal statistics like 30% of visitors to the home page go to the encyclopedia page, but not what an individual visitor (e.g., you) did.

Your browser may have options to refuse cookies, or to set a “Do Not Track” header. If you decide to turn off cookies, you cannot log in, which means that you cannot access any members-only function. We respect the “Do Not Track” header, so if you set that then we will not create any cookies on your browser for tracking your activity for analytics purposes.

We do not use any of the information we gather for marketing purposes (unless you count making the site easier and more useful as marketing), and we’ll never sell your information to anyone.