The Fifth World

Roleplaying Game



This bundle requires the Endeavor, Hunt, Mystery, and Journey bundles.

Every generation faces a crisis that defines it. The Crisis bundle adds rules to your saga that moves your story towards a major, unifying story with each generation, then skips ahead twelve years.

Changes to Setup

When you draw a need for the family, mark which suit you draw. Even if you satisfy that need by the end of the game, that mark remains. The first suit to reach three marks determines the crisis.

Clubs The Curse
Hearts The Revolution
Diamonds The Sickness
Spades The Monster

Each crisis presents a series of endeavors, hunts, mysteries, journeys, or other tasks which the players must accomplish to overcome it, as well as its own conditions under which it might fail, and what failure could mean.


In addition to its own failure conditions, your family can also find itself overwhelmed by concerns on all sides and unmet needs. If you have five unmet needs of a single type (spiritual, emotional, physical, or mental), you fail the crisis. Your generation will only advance once you end a game with fewer than five unmet needs of each type.

Advancing Generations

When the crisis resolves — succeed or fail — we move forward twelve years into the future.

For each character you control, pull one or more cards from the needs deck based on your age class.

ClassNumber of cards
Young Adult3
Mature Adult2

Choose one of the cards you drew.

Clubs Erase four items from your Knowledge sheet.
Hearts You cannot change your custom or how you relate to it until after the next crisis.
Diamonds Take a scar.
Spades You die.

If your character survived, mark the next box in her age track, which may advance her into the next class (e.g., children become young adults, young adults become mature, and mature adults become elders). If you don’t have any boxes left in your age track, you die of old age, having lived for nearly 120 years.

You can add four items to your Knowledge sheet.

Your character’s custom and how she relates to it could change over the intervening years.