The Fifth World

Roleplaying Game



This bundle requires the Knowledge bundle.

People in the Fifth World usually hunt regularly. They hunt animals that provide them with food and the materials they need for clothing and shelter. They possess incredible skill, and for them such hunts make up a regular part of everyday life. Your character can provide for her needs, including hunting, without any particular effort or focus. The Hunt bundle allows you to go on a different sort of hunt, the hunts that you'll tell your children and grandchildren about, hunts for powerful, dangerous, or spectacular prey.

Changes to Setup

After each player has taken a card from the persons deck to represent her character, players can declare any number of hunts. For each one, choose a card from the persons deck to represent your quarry. Set that card aside and place a trail marker on it. This marker represents the trail that the prey left behind. If you have more than one hunt in a game, you'll need trail markers that you can distinguish for each quarry.

If you have a hunt from a previous game that you'd like to pick up, draw the person card for the quarry from the persons deck and set it aside, find the place card where you last found its trail and add it to the row of places in play, and add put the trail marker there.

Picking Up the Trail

When you start an encounter and a trail marker remains on a quarry, you can look for the trail before choosing the Other. Draw a card from the needs deck. If you draw the suit of that place, you pick up the trail. Move the trail marker to that place.


While at the place with the trail marker, you can encounter your quarry in the form of the tracks and signs she left behind. If you succeed on an appeal, draw a card from the places deck (you cannot call the name of a place instead in this instance) and add it to the row. You move to that place, any other players' characters with you can come with you if they wish, and each of you can bring one other character not controlled by another player if you wish. Then draw a card from the needs deck. If it matches the suit of that place, you've found your quarry. Add her card to that place with you and remove the trail marker from the game.


The hunt resolves in an encounter with the quarry, but only when you know your quarry. If you don't know your quarry yet, you might still encounter her but it will not reach a conclusive end. She escapes and the hunt goes on.

While the term “hunt” might seem to imply that the final encounter will end in death, and many do, it also might not. You might hunt someone down to get them to admit to their wrongdoing, to answer a question, or even to bring them home.

Continuing the Hunt

If the game ends with trail markers on places, you can write down the place on the hunt sheet and pick up the trail next time (see Changes to Setup above). You can record this information on an index card or a scrap of paper, or use our hunt sheets.