The Fifth World

Roleplaying Game



The Fifth World focuses on your family dwelling in their land, but sometimes you do want to get away from home and see other places. Travel in the Fifth World has become slower and more of an adventure, but it certainly hasn't become unusual. Bards and traders journey the length and breadth of continents, and some bold adventurers even circle the globe. With the Journey bundle you can leave your family's territory and set off on expeditions to distant lands.

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Starting a Jourey

To begin a journey, you'll need a travel deck. The travel deck consists of 36 cards (2-10 for each of the four suits). Use a separate deck from the one used for your needs, persons, and places decks (journeys require two decks of playing cards, rather than one). The ace of hearts from this second deck becomes the destination card.

Set aside the destination card and shuffle the travel deck. Take the destination card and two cards from the travel deck and shuffle them together. This forms the start of your journey deck. Each card in the journey deck represents one day of travel on your journey. How many days do you expect your journey to take? Draw that many cards from the travel deck, face-down.

If you want to set an east pace, for every set of four cards draw another card from the travel deck. If you want to set a hard pace, for every set of four cards put one back on the travel deck.

Place these cards on top of your journey deck.

Going on the Journey

Set the journey deck beside the places deck, separate from the row of places in your family territory. Leave room for a discard pile.

Everyone going on the journey places their cards in a column below the journey deck like you would under a place.

When you start an encounter while on a journey, reveal the next card from the journey deck and read its matching entry. If you draw a black card, follow its instructions and draw another card. Red cards provide encounters along the way. Play through the encounter per the normal rules.

2 Clubs Ask a fellow traveler what she believes about the spirits.
3 Clubs Share a belief you have about the spirits with another traveler.
4 Clubs Pose a moral dilemma to a fellow traveler.
5 Clubs Ask a fellow traveler about her romantic relationships.
6 Clubs Share how you feel with another traveler.
7 Clubs Tell a fellow traveler about your romantic relationships.
8 Clubs Ask a fellow traveler a philosophical question.
9 Clubs Tell a fellow traveler about something you know.
10 Clubs Pose a riddle or tell a joke.
2 Hearts You encounter scouts who warn you against trespassing in their territory.
3 Hearts You encounter a magician who says she must ritually purify you before you proceed.
4 Hearts You encounter emissaries from a family that does not trust you.
5 Hearts You encounter a scout who offers to lead you through his family's territory.
6 Hearts You encounter a family that welcomes you to stay the night with them.
7 Hearts You encounter a young man who challenges you to a friendly contest.
8 Hearts You encounter a merchant.
9 Hearts You encounter a traveling bard.
10 Hearts You encounter a wanderer.
2 Diamonds You encounter a difficult path.
3 Diamonds You encounter a dangerous path.
4 Diamonds You encounter a challenging climb.
5 Diamonds You encounter a storm.
6 Diamonds You encounter a flood.
7 Diamonds You encounter intense heat.
8 Diamonds You encounter a dangerous predator.
9 Diamonds You encounter a majestic creature.
10 Diamonds You encounter a territorial beast.
2 Spades Briefly describe the animal tracks you encounter.
3 Spades Briefly describe the bird songs you hear.
4 Spades Briefly describe the animal you glimpse.
5 Spades Briefly describe the foliage surrounding you.
6 Spades Briefly describe the plants you smell.
7 Spades Briefly describe the tree that amazed you.
8 Spades Briefly describe the lay of the land around you.
9 Spades Briefly describe the sky above you.
10 Spades Briefly describe the ruins you pass.

Gathering Awareness on a Journey

Life comes with greater difficulty away from home, and you won’t find as many chances to gather awareness on the road. You can always choose to stop and rest. When you start an encounter you can choose to stop to rest instead of pushing on. If you do, draw from the travel deck (not the journey deck).

If you draw a black card, follow the instructions for that card. You then gather awareness equal to the card’s value, which you can distribute amongst your party if you can come to a consensus on how to divide it. If you cannot, then no one gains awareness. You may then choose to continue the journey or take another day of rest.

If you draw a red card, you have the encounter stated for that card. If you succeed on your appeal, you gather awareness equal to the card’s value as you would for a black card.

A card that matches the suit and value of a place in play reminds you of home, giving you the opportunity to gather awareness from that place as if you found yourself suddenly there.

Reaching Your Destination

When you draw the destination card, you reach your destination. What happens next depends on why you undertook this journey. From here you can continue journeying, or go home (which will require another journey, usually of equal length).