The Fifth World

Roleplaying Game



Throughout the game we ask questions and build on the answers, but when it comes to questions that will give us reliable answers we have a much more limited set to choose from. Mysteries allow you to spend awareness to ask any question and receive a reliable answer.

Download Mystery Sheets


Declaring a Mystery

At any time you can declare that you want to solve a mystery. Take a mystery sheet and write a question on it. That becomes a mystery that you or any other player can try to solve.

Gathering Clues

When an encounter ends in a successful appeal, you can gather a clue. The person playing the Other provides you with a statement about the mystery that may lead to answering the question. Write it down on the mystery sheet and mark the color of the Other's card (red or black). If you encounter your home or someone implied by your home (like your family as a group) choose either red or black, as you like.

Verifying Clues

Between encounters any player can spend a moment of awareness to verify a clue. Draw a card from the needs deck. If it matches the color of the person who gave you the clue, mark it as true. If it doesn't match, mark it as false.

Solving the Mystery

When you have discovered three true clues, you can encounter the mystery itself. On a successful appeal, you can spend awareness to ask the mystery's question as if it appeared on your list. Write down the answer on the mystery sheet.