The Fifth World

Roleplaying Game

Needs Deck

The Needs Deck contains the aces of each suit. Each suit points to a different sort of need, so we can pull from this deck to determine what someone (your family or the Other in an encounter) needs.

Clubs Clubs Spiritual Needs Authenticity, beauty, freedom, harmony, hope, integrity, justice, presence, purpose
Hearts Hearts Emotional Needs Affection, excitement, humor, intimacy, joy, love, mourning, self-expression, warmth
Diamonds Diamonds Physical Needs Air, food, movement, rest, safety, sex, shelter, touch, water
Spades Spades Mental Needs Challenge, clarity, creativity, discovery, efficacy, learning, legacy, mastery, understanding

As a Randomizer

Sometimes we also use the needs deck as a randomizer, especially by drawing a card from the needs deck and comparing it to the suit of the place where you find yourself at the moment. You should always do this before or after the Other draws a needs card to make sure that you pull from the full deck of four suits.

When you use the needs deck like this, since home has no suit, compare to your character's card instead. If you play a joker, matching the color counts as a match.