The Fifth World

Roleplaying Game

Places Deck

Most of the cards form the places deck. Each card in this deck represents a particular place in your family’s territory. When you learn the stories of your land you’ll learn the true names of these places, which will unlock new questions to ask and make it easier for you to move through your territory.

Any time that you draw from the places deck, you can instead call out the name of a place if you have learned its true name. Doing so allows you to draw that card from the deck instead of drawing a card at random. Once you have taken it, reshuffle the remainder of the deck.

Clubs Clubs
Otherworldly Places 2 Portal to the Other World
3 The Magician’s Hut
4 Place of Restless Spirits
Honored Places 5 Abode of the Spirits
6 Natural Wonder
7 Shrine
Sacred Places 8 Heart of the wild
9 Consecrated Ground
10 Axis Mundi

Hearts Hearts
Melancholy Places 2 Desolation
3 Solitude
4 Ruin
Unquiet Places 5 Watchtower
6 An Ominous Place
7 Scout’s Nest
Joyful Places 8 Playground
9 Overlook
10 Tryst

Diamonds Diamonds
Dangerous Places 2 A Predator’s Territory
3 Ambush Site
4 Contested Ground
Abundant Places 5 Hunting Ground
6 Watering Hole
7 Garden
Creative Places 8 A Place for Making Tools
9 A Place for Making Art
10 A Place for Making Luxuries

Spades Spades
Mysterious Places 2 Cave
3 Ancient Mystery
4 Natural Mystery
Unforgotten Places 5 Archive
6 Burial Site
7 Monument
Storied Places 8 A Secret Meeting Place
9 Historical Site
10 A Gallery


If you’ve discovered the true name of a place, you might have an ancestor associated with it, someone from your family’s past whose legacy you still experience there. Ancestors connect you more deeply to that place, providing two benefits: