The Fifth World

Roleplaying Game

Heart of the Wild

Heart of the Wild

At the start of the first encounter here ask:

How did this survive the old world unscathed?

Learning this place’s name unlocks:

What do you fear in yourself?

A Sacred Place

Perform a religious ceremony to gather awareness.

Many indigenous people identify areas where life comes from, where humans should not hunt and might not even have permission to enter. Permaculture might consider these places “Zone 5,” the places that we do not alter and instead observe how the other-than-human world works without us. Think of those areas near you that remain wild — or at least natural — even in this modern age. With civilization gone, those areas grow, becoming the seeds from which sprawling new forests will grow. You can gather and harvest from the edges of those forests, and so long as their heart remains intact, they will regenerate once again. How did these areas escape destruction? And how does your family relate to them in the Fifth World?