The Fifth World

Roleplaying Game



At the start of the first encounter here ask:

What here does your family keep vigil over?

Learning this place’s name unlocks:

What makes you wary?

An Unquiet Place

Spot an impending danger to gather awareness.

A watchtower could take the form of an actual, constructed tower of lashed logs with a platform on top, but it doesn’t have to. A high ledge where you normally go to keep watch could just as easily serve this purpose. A watchtower doesn’t necessarily imply human enemies to watch for, either. Watchtowers can also serve to keep watch for fire or other dangers. It does imply that you do face some kind of danger that requires at least some vigilance, but the kind of danger and how much vigilance it really requires remains open. It could even take the form of an old watchtower erected to keep watch for a danger that doesn’t really exist any more.