The Fifth World

Roleplaying Game

A Secret Meeting Place

A Secret Meeting Place

At the start of the first encounter here ask:

What secret society convenes here?

Learning this place’s name unlocks:

How do you relate to this secret society?

A Storied Place

Hear a story told to gather awareness.

This card establishes something important about the Fifth World: you’ll find secret societies everywhere. Few have a sinister agenda (though some do). Some might descend from modern groups from the Elks to the Freemasons. Many others develop in the centuries intervening, ranging from mystery cults to fraternal or sororal societies to something more like a medieval guild. One secret society might teach medicinal techniques, while another requires members to qualify for higher rank through feats of bravery. These secret societies provide a bond between families, as members of different families can belong to the same society. Quite often when tensions escalate between families, secret societies provide the venue and friendship needed to broker deals and de-escalate problems before they come to a head. Most secret societies do not make their existence a secret, only their membership. You know that they each exist, but you don’t know who might belong.