The Fifth World

Roleplaying Game

Ritual Phrase

"I appeal to [her] [spirit/heart/body/mind]."

Who can use it: The person playing the main character.

When you can use it: During an encounter

What it does: Complete the ritual phrase with a pronoun referring to the Other and your guess as to the Other’s need: whether she has a spiritual need (clubs; “I appeal to her spirit.”), an emotional need (hearts; “I appeal to her heart.”), a physical need (diamonds; “I appeal to her body.”), or a mental need (spades; “I appeal to her mind.”). Describe how you do this (the other players should ask you if you forget).

If you guess the Other’s need correctly, you can convince her to take solid action — to do something or say something that you want her to do or say. You have satisfied her need, and she will give you what you need in return.

If you guess the right color but not the right suit exactly (e.g., you appeal to her body, but she actually had emotional needs), you can spend a moment of awareness to succeed anyway.

If you guess incorrectly, the person playing the Other selects a setback that occurs. This can involve the Other making a decision. Responding to this ritual phrase provides an exception to the rule that the person playing the Other cannot make decisions for her, if the person playing the main character guesses incorrectly and the Other must make that decision for the chosen setback to occur.

The setbacks that you can choose include: