The Fifth World

Roleplaying Game

Ritual Phrase

"It happened at «place name»."

Who can use it: Varies.

When you can use it: Varies.

What it does: Outside of an encounter, the player who has the next turn to start an encounter says “It happened at «place name»” to start the encounter.

During an encounter, any player can repeat “It happened at «place name».” If you do so, you must remain silent until the encounter ends. You cannot contribute anything further to it. When a second player confirms that the encounter has ended by repeating the ritual phrase a third time, the encounter ends.

Complete the ritual phrase with the name of the place where it happens. If you’ve learned the place’s true name, use that. If you haven’t learned it yet, the card descriptor (e.g., the Magician’s Hut or solitude) will suffice.