The Fifth World

Roleplaying Game

Ritual Phrase

"...very dangerous."

Who can use it: Anyone except the person playing the main character.

When you can use it: In response to the ritual phrase, “That sounds dangerous.”

What it does: In order to do the thing the person playing the main character described, she must make a choice. Either she can risk a second scar or guess either black or red and then draw a card from the needs deck.

Example: Giuli describes her character, Narluga, diving into the ocean to spear a whale. Wayne says, “That sounds dangerous,” so Giuli pays a point of awareness to avoid the scar. Mike says, “…very dangerous.” To avoid losing more awareness, Giuli decides to gamble. She guesses black, but she pulls hearts. She pays a second point of awareness to avoid the scar. Now she’s run out of awareness, and realizing that she might get pulled quickly into a terrible escalation, she decides to risk the scar to end it there. Unfortunately, she has no awareness left, so she must take the scar, reducing her maximum capacity to four awareness instead of five. “Well, yeah,” Giuli says, “I guess diving into the ocean to spear a whale could get you into some trouble, huh?”

Note: This can lead to drawing from the needs deck while the person playing the Other has one of the needs cards. If this happen, that player should remember which card she has and shuffle it into the needs deck for this. Then, when you have resolved the ritual phrase, she can take the card back out again. Always pull from the needs deck with all four cards in it.