The Fifth World

Roleplaying Game

Playing a Secondary Character

If an encounter occurs with your character present, you might play a role in it as a secondary character. She remains your character, and so you can make decisions for her, but remember that the encounter focuses on the character played by the person who started it and the Other. You only play a supporting role in this. Don't take up too much time or space. You can help, though, by spending your own awareness on other characters' behalf. You can also ask questions if you appear in an encounter, even as a secondary character.

You might also play some other character. These characters don't play a central role in the encounter, either, so they should take up even less time and space than your own character in this role, though they may still perform an important function in the encounter. As when you play the Other, your goal lies in taking what we know about her and portraying her like a real person. You cannot make decisions for her, but you should portray her as we know her as best you can.