The Fifth World

Roleplaying Game

Playing Your Character

When your turn comes to start an encounter, you'll set one up between your character and someone else — the Other. We'll focus on this encounter between the two of you, with you playing your own character and another player of your choice playing the Other. We know at least something about each of you, and you both have needs that drive you. Every time you encounter another person, the potential exists that she might change you, or you might change her, or both. What will happen with this one? We play to find out.

When you play your own character, you have the goal of making her seem real. Try to get into her skin, see the world as she would see it, think as she would think, and feel as she would feel. She might make mistakes, she might not know what you know, and her feelings, prejudices, ignorance, temper, hope, despair, naïveté, innocence, cruelty, or anything else might get the better of her, but she wants to succeed. If you find yourself hoping that she fails, you might have stayed behind playing the audience instead of playing your character. Good encounters come from both the primary character and the Other trying as best they can to fulfill their needs. Take that feeling as a warning, and respond by digging deeper into your character to find your connection to her.