The Fifth World

Roleplaying Game


Draw lines.

This principle relates to the agenda to hunt the wild story.

Bonds of kinship bind the Fifth World together — including bonds of kinship between the human and other-than-human — but kinship does not always mean accord. What lines divide the family, or groups within the family? What lines divide your family from neighboring families? What lines divide your family from the other-than-human communities around them and those they depend upon? What lines divide you within yourself?

These divisions do not generally come from hatred, contempt, or disregard. Those would represent relatively easy answers. They come from disagreement. Most of the people in your story will, to one extent or another, love and respect you, but they may disagree about what you should do or which path you should follow. People in the Fifth World find ways to overcome these divisions and heal the rifts between them, but it does take effort and skill. Their stories focus on the people who struggle to do that, how they do it, and even, occasionally, how they fail.