The Fifth World

Roleplaying Game


A single game can provide an excellent night’s entertainment, but you can also play an ongoing saga to see your family change and grow through generations. In a saga, you and your friends meet on a regular basis (weekly, biweekly, monthly — whatever suits your schedule) to reprise your characters (or add new ones) and play a series of games with the same family.


In a saga, each game reveals the story of your characters, but your characters’ stories become part of the larger, intergenerational saga of your family dwelling in their land. You’ll play other characters as your first one grows up, grows old, and eventually dies. At the start of each game you have the option to reprise a character you’ve played before or start a new one, so you can have multiple characters at the same time, too. You’ll only play one character in a game, but you could switch from game to game. If you do so, you may have the opportunity to heal a scar.

The Crisis bundle provides rules for advancing your family from one generation to next (see Bundles below).


Milestones mark events in your family’s story. Some of them will change the rules of your saga by unlocking new bundles. Others will mark your family’s achievements and accomplishments.

Welcome to the Fifth World

Conditions Complete the first game of your saga.

Unlocks The Knowledge bundle

Getting Things Done

Conditions Complete a game in which all of the players’s characters help during a single encounter.

Unlocks The Endeavors bundle

The Hunt Begins

Requires Welcome to the Fifth World

Conditions Complete a game in which someone has an encounter with an other-than-human animal and accomplishes something very difficult and very dangerous.

Unlocks The Hunt bundle

The Plot Thickens

Conditions Complete a game in which someone uses an appeal to get the Other to confess what she did.

Unlocks The Mystery bundle


Conditions At the end of the game have at least twice as many places on the table as players.

Unlocks The Journey bundle

Turning the Wheel

Requires Getting Things Done, The Hunt Begins, The Plot Thickens, and Wanderlust

Conditions Finish at least one project, succeed on at least one hunt, solve at least one mystery, and return from at least one journey.

Unlocks The Crisis bundle


Conditions A member of your family commits a murder.

Unlocks The Brutality bundle