The Fifth World

Roleplaying Game


Scars diminish your character's ability to perceive the world around her. They can take many forms.

When you risk a scar, you can either spend a moment of awareness to avoid injury or take the scar. If you don’t have any awareness left, you have no choice but to take the scar.

When you take a scar, cross off one of the slots for awareness on your character sheet. You cannot fill this slot, meaning that your maximum capacity for awareness has dropped by one. You lose any awareness that you might have had in that slot.

Number of ScarsCapacity for Awareness

You can run out of awareness, but if your capacity for awareness drops to zero, your character loses her ability to affect the world any further.


When you reprise a character you’ve played before in a saga game, you can heal one scar from any other character that you’ve played before. That means that when you let a character rest for a game, she’ll recover from a scar.