How You Can Support the Fifth World

If you enjoy The Fifth World or if you share our conviction that a neotribal, ecotopian, animist realist, open source shared universe can help make the world a better place, and would like to help us — thank you! You have several options to do so.

#Become a Patron

Support us on Patreon. Patrons receive invitations to become members of the site, including access to the Fifth World Discord server. This also comes with special access, including the chance to attend our live sprint reviews and help us set our upcoming priorities.

#Through Your Browser

The Fifth World website uses the web monetization API, so if you sign up for a service like Coil and activate the appropriate plugin for your browser, you’ll automatically send money to us proportional to the time you spend on the site. This doesn’t just work for the Fifth World, either, which means you’ll also plug into a new way to fund the internet that has the potential to break the old, exploitative, advertising-based business models, and the surveillance capitalist economy that they have generated.

If you use the Brave browser and have set up its rewards functionality, you can leave us a tip through the tip icon in the URL bar at any time.

#Through PayPal

You can also send us money through Paypal. You can make a recurring, monthly donation through Paypal, but your money would go further through our Patreon, plus you would get more rewards going through that. But if you want to make a one-time donation, and you're not interested in messing with new browsers or plugins, this can be your best option.

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