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The Fifth World presents an open source shared universe — a vision of a neotribal, ecotopian, animist realist future created by a growing community of authors, artists, designers, gamers, and dreamers — and we want you to join us.

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Explore: Humanity thrives beyond civilization.

Four centuries from now, humanity thrives beyond civilization. Bands of hunter-gatherers roam the wild. Villages cultivate forest gardens. Over the centuries, they have nursed the world back from the horrors of mass extinction, coaxed their lands slowly, surely, into abundance, and restored paradise. From one world, ten thousand unique traditions and families have emerged, as varied as the lands in which they dwell.


Novel: Children of Wormwood

My little brother came into this world with half a skull. He stayed for a day, then left again, taking my mother with him.

For countless generations, the family downstream of Beaver Valley Temple have helped the Vulture Priests contain the nuclear waste locked away within it. But when it begins leaking out and people start dying, they must leave their homeland and travel across the world in search of answers.

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Roleplaying Game: Step into a feral future.

In the Fifth World tabletop roleplaying game, you and a handful of friends explore what happens to your descendants living beyond civilization in the Fifth World, amongst the familiar places of your own life, transformed by four centuries of change. You’ll trace the history of your family and learn the customs that helped them to survive and thrive, and then take on the roles of the members of that family as they struggle to balance the web of kinship all around them and find the right path into their future. Afterwards, add your stories to the wiki to make them part of the growing history of the Fifth World.

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The Fifth World needs your help. When you back our Patreon campaign, you’ll help us pay for things like server hosting, or to pay writers and artists to spend their time creating work in the Fifth World which we’ll release to the world under a Creative Commons license. To thank you for your support, we’ll send you an invitation to join the site and you’ll unlock the “Patron” achievement and exclusive, weekly, behind-the-scenes reports.

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