The Fifth World

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The world has changed.

Four centuries from now, humanity thrives beyond civilization. Small villages tend forest gardens in the ruins of ancient cities. Bands of hunter-gatherers follow herds of elephants across the warm plains of the Dakotas. The sea tribes ply the waves along the new coasts carved by swollen seas, along beaches of translucent plastic sand. Your ancestors stepped back from the brink of annihilation, and over generations helped create a new world. Now that never-ending work of creation falls to you. What will you leave behind?

Roleplaying Game: Step into a feral future.

In the Fifth World tabletop roleplaying game, you and a handful of friends explore what happens to the places where you live in the Fifth World. You’ll create a family living right where you live, with its own history and traditions, and then take on the roles of the people in that family as they struggle to balance the web of kinship all around them and find the right path into their future. Afterwards, add your stories to the wiki to make them part of the growing history of the Fifth World.

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Art: Glimpses of a more-than-human world.

The Fifth World presents an unusual vision of the future, where we find hope in our connections to other persons, human or otherwise. Without an established genre to invoke, though, picturing a future like that can present some challenges. When you back our Patreon campaign to produce art for the Fifth World, you’ll help us make Creative Commons-licensed art that will provide a glimpse of what such a future could look like. For each piece we commission, we also send 10% to help support Survival International in their mission to help indigenous people today.

Currently: $56.71 Goal: $300

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Join Us: Can you see the future?

The Fifth World works as an open source project under a Creative Commons license. That means that you can help us explore this future in whatever medium you like best. We can’t wait to read your stories or poems, see your art or plays, watch your videos, or experience whatever other kinds of Fifth World art that you might create that we can’t even imagine yet.

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