The Fifth World

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In The Fifth World tabletop roleplaying game, you and 2-4 of your friends will take on the roles of people living together in a sovereign family in a neotribal, ecotopian future. You’ll play to catch a glimpse of their lives and the world that they live in: a web of relationships that binds them to other people, some human and some other-than-human. It falls to each of you to find a way to fulfill the conflicting demands of your kin and to constantly find your place in this ever-shifting web, to continue the work begun by your ancestors of creating paradise.

This packet contains the beta playtest rules for The Fifth World tabletop roleplaying game. Some things may not work, but we’d greatly appreciate your feedback.

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The Fifth World needs art. Become a patron through Patreon and we’ll be able to commission artists like Dani Kaulakis, Nick Pedersen, and Blake Behrens to help bring the Fifth World to life.

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Welcome to the Fifth World

The Fifth World website is live! We’re starting with the discussion forums only, but more will come soon. The site is invitation only, but you can get one by getting involved with the Fifth World project by becoming a patron through Patreon or joining our community on Google+.