The pig, also known as swine or boar, is a highly adaptable and intelligent animal present all across the Fifth World. Some descend at least partly from formerly domesticated pigs gone feral after collapse, but many descend primarily from wild pigs. Feral pigs possess incredible intelligence, enormous size, and terrible strength.

#Human relations

People of the Fifth World frequently hunt pigs. They eat the pigs' meat, make clothing from their hides, make brushes from their hair, and make jewelry and other decorations from their tusks.

Some people who practice forms of Judaism or Islam will not hunt pigs, in accordance with their religious traditions. However, religions have changed in the Fifth World, become more animist and gone hyper-local, and so some who consider themselves Jews or Muslims may hunt and eat pigs with no knowledge of, or concern for, how their religion once forbade it.

#Pig People

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