The word monkey refers to a wide variety of small, tree-dwelling primates. Different species of monkeys have historically lived across Africa, Asia, and South America. In the Fourth World, North America and Europe lacked any species of monkeys, except those brought from other continents for zoos and experimentation. But during the collapse of civilization, as the people who ran those zoos and laboratories abandoned them and let them fall into disrepair, many monkeys escaped and found niches in new bioregions. Later, as tropical jungle spread across more of the world, wild monkeys moved north and south from the equator. One can now find monkeys almost everywhere in the Fifth World.

#Human relations

Some people of the Fifth World have a predator-prey relationship with monkeys, hunting them for their meat. Others, however, do not eat monkeys, either due to religion (Islam and Hinduism) or because of their uncanny similarity to humans.

#Monkey People

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