We model a main character’s body by tracking age and injuries.


We track age in 12-year increments. Each stage of life includes one more increment than the last. Each stage of life that you’ve experienced (including your current one) gives you one more bond with a place, establishing some special relationship you have with that place. Examples include:

Stages of life
Stage of lifeYearsPlace Bonds
Young adulthood13-362
Mature adulthood37-723

Each stage of life also brings with it a different cyclic principle, just like the stages of a tale or a saga.

Stages of life and cyclic principles
Stage of LifeCyclic principle
ChildhoodDraw lines.
Young adulthoodDefer answers.
Mature AdulthoodContrast what has happened with something unexpected.
ElderhoodWeave a wide web of relationships.

This means that, for example, regardless of the stage of the tale or the saga, an elder main character always has the “Weave a wide web of relationships” principle in play, allowing hen to make connections and bring things together at any time (including the ability to answer looming questions).


Your body can also sustain injuries when things get dangerous. You have a series of options:

These have a linear relationship: wounds pose a more serious risk than cuts, which pose a more serious risk than bruises. Bruises heal in a week, cuts in two, and wounds can take months. When you do something dangerous, you can only risk an option that you have available. So, for example, if you do something dangerous, risk bruises, and then fail, you’ll have to check off bruises, indicating your newly-bruised condition. In a week, you can erase that mark, but until then you can’t risk bruises when you do something dangerous — you’ll have to risk cuts or wounds, instead.

#Wounds & First Aid

When you suffer a wound, you’ll need first aid, or you’ll die. You should normally consider rendering first aid very difficult, unless done by someone who’s trained quite a bit for such situations, which could make it just difficult.

When you play the place, you might decide whether or not the wound becomes infected. If you want to leave that decision up to the die, you might infect if you roll a 1, or more often than that if things like disease or infection deeply inform the spirit of the place.

#Risking Life and Limb

When you risk life and limb and fail, the number you rolled will determine your fate.

Risking life and limb
3You lose a hand or a foot.
2You lose an arm or a leg.
1You die.

Losing a hand, foot, arm, or leg works counts as a wound, in addition to losing the appendage. Learning to live normally after losing a hand, foot, arm, or leg would make for an excellent looming question.

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