Combat doesn’t arise often in the Fifth World, but it does happen occasionally. Violence will usually result in physical, psychological, and spiritual trauma. Sensible people try to de-escalate conflict to avoid combat, because when tensions boil over to violence, you might not survive it.

Combatants take turns specifying what they will risk: bruises, cuts, wounds, or life and limb (seeBody"). All combatants can increase their bids in response to others’. Bidding continues until everyone feels satisfied with what they have wagered.

Any combatant that wagered more than any other can roll twice and keep the higher result. Each combatant can spend as many moments of awareness as they like to re-roll the die. Each moment buys you one re-roll. You keep the last roll you made this way. You can keep re-rolling for as long as you have awareness to spend.

The combatant that rolls the highest wins. In the case of a tie, no one wins.

Anyone who doesn’t win the fight suffers whatever injury hen risked. Even if you won the fight, you still faced danger to do so, and should treat your victory as you would any other danger. This engages the mechanics of the ritual phraseThat sounds dangerous…” even without anyone saying so. You’ve already set what you wagered when you set your bid before the combat began.

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